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In the aim of improving the communication, mutual informing and overall cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Australia in the coming period, we therefore call upon all, we underline ALL – without exceptions – organisations, clubs, schools, libraries, museums, sports’ clubs, foundations, associations, church communities, political parties, humanitarian organisations, chambers of commerce, associations of soldiers… (under one name: organisations) in Australia and New Zealand, that have been formed, registered and are functioning by principle of gathering members of the Serbian community or are fulfilling its activity within the Serbian community in Australia or New Zealand, to contact the Embassy and forward their contact details for easier future communication. (MORE DETAILS - FORMULAR)

THE HISTORY OF DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS BETWEEN SERBIA AND AUSTRALIA: On 25th April 2017 it is the 51st anniversary of signature of the Agreement of establishing the diplomatic relations between former Yugoslavia and Australia and opening of the diplomatic representations at the level of embassies in Canberra and Belgrade. This undoubtedly important fact for today’s diplomatic relations between Serbia and Australia was the cause of searching for documents that would fully and exactly illustrate the history of our diplomatic relations. The documents that were found – primarily thank you to the complaisance of the Archive of Yugoslavia in Belgrade – testify about much longer history of the diplomatic relations between Serbia and Australia. (MORE AND DOCUMENTS)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and the Serbs in the region, announces the Competition for Partially Financing projects that contribute with its merits to preserving and strengthening of connections between the homeland and the diaspora and the homeland and Serbs in the region which will opend from 12th to 30th March 2018.

The subject of the Competition is the partially financing of projects aimed at:
1) practicing, teaching, preserving and cultivating Serbian and Cyrillic letters, preserving and cultivating Serbian cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious identity
2) the promotion of economic cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Diaspora.

Information on the conditions and method of realization of the Competition for Partially Financing projects that contribute with its merits to preserving and strengthening of connections between the homeland and the diaspora is available on the website http://www.dijaspora.gov.rs/lat/konkurs-za-sufinansiranje-projekata-organizacija-iz-dijaspore/

If you require any further information, feel free to contact the Embassy or the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia.


Decemebr is a month for summing up the achievements of the past year, for reviewing the plans that were made and not fulfilled, but also for planning what should be done by next December. Not infrequently, December gives us a chance to complete unfinished business and make the year that has passed seem fulfilled.

That is why it gives me great pleasure to be able to share with you that the year 2017 can be described as one of the most significant years in decades with respect to the development of bi-lateral relations between Serbia and Australia.

 - First of all, dialogue between the two countries was renewed at ministerial level. The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms Julie Bishop, visited the Republic of Serbia on 13-14 July. This was the first Australian visit to Belgrade on the ministerial level in 33 years. Earlier in the year, on 3 March, the Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Conchetta Fieravnti-Wells visited Serbia. At the beginning of May, bilateral talks were held on the level of the Assistant Secretary. The delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was led by the assistant minister for bilateral cooperation, Amabassador Mr Goran Aleksic. These were the first ever organized bilateral political consultations marking a consolidation of relations between the two countries. (MORE)


Belgrade, 14 July 2017 – First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and Foreign Minister of Australia Julius Bishop highlighted the importance of further enhancement of political dialogue at all levels.
Dacic and Bishop also stressed the importance of fostering traditionally good and friendly relations and developing cooperation in areas of common interest. The two officials indicated that this is the first visit of a foreign minister of Australia to Serbia after more than thirty years.

Also, the officials estimated that there is a need for deepening and expanding the spectrum of economic cooperation in areas such as exploration of mines, investments, agriculture and tourism, along with cooperation in sports, culture and other fields.

Dacic informed Bishop about the current phase in dialogue with Pristina and our attitudes regarding the issue of Kosovo-Metohija and pointed out the need for consistent respect for international law. Bearing in mind the number of representatives of our diaspora in Australia, there is a commitment on our side to further improve the position of the Serbian community in Australia, as one of the important factors in relations between Serbia and Australia. Also, there is an interest in further simplifying the procedure for applying and obtaining Australian visas for citizens of Serbia.

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