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       Working Hours:
       Monday - Friday:

       9:00 - 17:00

       The Consular Section
       open to public:

       10:00 - 13:00     

       4 Bulwarra Close
       O'Malley, ACT 2606
       Canberra, Australia


Phone: + 612 / 6290-2630; + 612 / 6290-2948
Fax:    + 612 / 6290-2631
E-mail: embassy.canberra@mfa.rs; office.canberra@mfa.rs


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VISA SERVICES (22 May 2020)

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Canberra is restarting the acceptance of visa applications  from foreign nationals planing to enter Republic of Serbia.

On May 21, 2020  the Government of the Republic of Serbia passed the Decision on the termination of the Decision on closing all border crossings for entry into the Republic of Serbia ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 37/20), the Decision on termination of the Decision on closing border crossings ("Official Gazette of the RS", 25/20, 27/20, 35/20, 47/20 and 66/20) and the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on the Proclamation of the COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus an infectious disease ("Official Gazette of RS", 23/20, 24/20, 27,20, 28/20, 30/20, 32/20, 35/20, 37/20, 38/20 , 39/20, 43/20, 45/20, 48/20, 49/20, 59/20, 60/20, 66/20, 67/20, 72/20, 73/20 and 75/20). The decisions were published in the "Official Gazette of RS", no. 76/20 of 21 May 2020 and entered into force on 22 May 2020.

In accordance with the above decisions, all border crossings of the Republic of Serbia have been opened and since May 22, 2020 they are functioning in the usual regime.

Amendments to the Decision on declaring COVID-19 a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus a contagious disease lifted the ban on entering the Republic of Serbia, as well as epidemiological measures for all categories of domestic and foreign citizens. To enter the Republic of Serbia, a special consent is no longer required, i.e. a permit for entry for citizens of the Republic of Serbia, as well as for the entry of all categories of foreign citizens.

All persons entering the Republic of Serbia - instead of previous isolation measures and the obligation to have a negative PCR test - are given a written notice during passport control - a health warning about the measures to be followed to prevent the occurrence, spread and suppression of COVID-19.

Foreign citizens whose temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia expired after the day of declaration of the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia due to the epidemic of the infectious disease COVID-19, may enter the Republic of Serbia no later than July 1, 2020 and legally submit a request for extension of temporary residence within 30 days from the day of entry into the Republic of Serbia.


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